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The Cowries Prospecting Company Ltd is a Nigeria, Dubai and UK-based sales prospecting company with international business and ethical standards. Our mission is to maintain high global standards as we act for a better productive future.


The constant focus on the food security by any nation (Nigeria not excluded) is our focus. Given increasing...

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Property Investment

We have left our foot print in the sands of Abuja. We have constructed and manage several properties and...

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Import & Export

The demand for African foodstuffs in Europe and America is rising due to increasing number of Africans, pa...

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Educational Consultancy

We work as a bridge between the institutions (universities, colleges, training institutes) and students...

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UK property has always been one of the most popular asset classes when it comes to investing, as it is a tangible product that the investor can have full control over, and this popularity has only increased in recent years as the property market continues to perform extremely well. With more and more people looking to invest in property, it's impor ...

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