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The Cowries Prospecting Company Ltd is a Nigeria, Dubai and UK-based sales prospecting company with international business and ethical standards. Our mission is to maintain high global standards as we act for a better productive future.


The constant focus on the food security by any nation (Nigeria not excluded) is our focus. Given increasing...

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Property Investment

We have left our foot print in the sands of Abuja. We have constructed and manage several properties and...

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Import & Export

The demand for African foodstuffs in Europe and America is rising due to increasing number of Africans, pa...

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Educational Consultancy

We work as a bridge between the institutions (universities, colleges, training institutes) and students...

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Please refer to the Part 1 before continuing here. View part 1 here: https://cowries.com.ng/BLOG_V.php?s=d6170c510a7b35194327&h=1ESTABLISH AN EMERGENCY FUNDAsk any seasoned investor about preparation and many will advise the creation of an ‘emergency fund’ first. Having a spare pot of money is always a good way of mitigating any unfore ...

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