Posted: 29 months ago


Since the Federal government through the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) announced its determination to scale up revenue from non-oil exports, the number of exporters in Nigeria has dramatically increased.
Nigeria's major non-oil exports that could yield billions of US Dollars yearly in revenue include:

* Sesame seeds,
* Palm oil,
* Ginger and other spices,
* Cashew (Raw seed and Nuts),
* Cowpeas,
* Cocoa,
* Soya beans,
* Rubber,
* Leather (Cow Horns, Cow Skin, Donkey Skin, Goat Skin),
* Cotton
* Shea butter,
* Tomato,
* Banana and Plantain,
* Groundnuts,
* Hibiscus Flower,
* Bitter Kola,
* Cassava Chips

The non-oil sector between 2018/2019 yielded N1.74 Billion in revenue for Nigeria in 2019. By 2020, there was an increase of 14% as non-oil products brought in N2.07billion for the country. Although there are thousands of Nigerians who are willing to export agricultural products, the fact is that they are finding it difficult to engage foreign buyers for such products.

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