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Property Investment / Construction

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We Manage Properties and Investments

We have left our foot print in the sands of Abuja. We have constructed and manage several properties and estates in the FCT. We have also expanded to property investment within and ourside Nigeria. We have partners in the UK and Dubai which can facilitate your investment in properties over there.

Here are some things to consider about investing in property.

* Payment in forex (for UK and Dubai assets)
* Less volatility – Property can be less volatile than shares or other investments.
* Income – You earn rental income if the property is tenanted.
* Capital growth – If your property increases in value, you will benefit from a capital gain when you sell.
* Tax deductions – You can offset most property expenses against rental income, including interest on any loan used to buy the property.
* No specialised knowledge required – Unlike some complex investments, you don't need any particular specialised knowledge to invest in property.

* Interest rates – A rise in interest rates will mean higher repayments and lower disposable income.
* Vacancy – There may be times when you have to cover the costs yourself if you don't have a tenant.
* Entry and exit costs – Expenses such as stamp duty, legal fees and real estate agent's fees.

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