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The demand for African foodstuffs in Europe and America is rising due to increasing number of Africans, particularly Nigerians who sojourn to these countries for the proverbial greener pastures. There are many small foodstuffs exporters in the West African sub region who depend on middlemen to export their produce in small quantities and sell to consumers or retailers running ethnic shops in the US and Europe.

The volume of Nigerian export of foodstuffs to these countries is still on a very small scale considering the estimation of well over 20 million Nigerians who reside outside the country, with the majority, living in the UK and the US. This is a great opportunity to sell to this category of people. The few exporters of African foodstuffs cannot meet with the demand of Nigerians whose population is increasing everyday abroad.

Some of the exportable foodstuffs are: smoked fish, garri, beans flour, melon seed, ogbono, cassava flour, bitter leaf, dried pumpkin leaf, palm wine, butter production, coconut processing, pepper, tomato paste, hibiscus flower, yoghurt, pap, other vegetable leaves, hot chilli pepper, among many others.

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